Resumption of visits to the Cathedral of Seville

As another sign of the return to normality of our city, the chapter of the Cathedral of Seville has decided to resume cultural visits. The worship had resumed on May 11, the only thing missing was that we could return to share this beautiful monument with our visitors.

As a precaution, for now, the visit can only be done guided and by appointment. However, we believe that this change will be very positive since it will allow us to appreciate the visit more and we will avoid wasting valuable time waiting in line to buy tickets.

There will be two types of guided tours: one to the decks and another to the most unique spaces called Magna. As a novelty, night visits are incorporated, an excellent opportunity to see the city from another perspective.

The hours will be as follows:

Deck visits: 9:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Magna Visit: 11:30 a.m 12:00 a.m and 21:30 p.m.

Reservations, only online, can be made from Wednesday, June 17, on the official website of the monument.

We pass you the direct link to book the visit:

We hope you enjoy the visit.

Resumption of visits to the Cathedral of Seville